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Every year, the Allocation Committee selects projects submitted directly by the Cités des métiers or in answer to a call for thematic projects.

Each project has to be supported by at least, two (2) Cités des métiers, including a Cité des métiers already opened to the public.

To be eligible the project has then to meet, as much as possible, five main criteria presented as below :


  • The Project covers at least one of the priority areas of intervention of the fund,
  • The project objectives are clearly defined and achievable given available resources,
  • The project includes specific activities links to the skills and expertise of the Cités des métiers.
Territorial impact

  • The project is based on the assessment of public’s needs regarding their vocational integration at a local level ,
  • The project includes the implementation of evaluation tools to measure the territorial impact of activities on the territory in relation to the coordination with local operators for career information and guidance and integration for the public.

  • The project can bring significant social or technological innovations in terms of overall functioning, methods/practices in relations to the training and guidance existing systems.

  • The activities are offered taking into account of the parity of the audience ,
  • The project is built with territorial partners and may involve donors to develop, implement and monitor the activities.

  • The Project is replicable and adaptable according to each territory’s specific needs through capitalization tools of experience.

Assessment of project for the Fund

Each project is evaluated before, during and after its implementation. The methodology proposed is based on a qualitative and quantitative approach.


A collaborative learning tool which directly or indirectly involve all stakeholders concerned: Cités des métiers, partners, beneficiaries, donors,


A process to determine progress, effectiveness for beneficiaries and territorial impact of each project,


A means of reporting to donors the added value of their contribution to the activities supported by the endowment fund,


A necessary step before a spin off of the project on other territories.

The fund team will involve different expertises via the Association Française des Fundraisers (AFF), the Centre Français des fondations et fonds de dotation (CFF) and business donors in France and abroad.

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If you have any project ideas to share
please contact a Cité des métiers or send an email to :