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Why effervescence ?

Our approach

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By 2030, many professions will evolve, disappear or others emerge. Our societies are facing far-reaching economic, technological, environmental and societal changes as shown by the development of an economy based on sharing. The strengthening of guidance and lifelong learning and more generally the safeguarding of professional career paths appear therefore as huge challenges.

The Cités des métiers, as local and regional actors for reception, career information and guidance receive a variety of audiences (eg. students, employees, unemployed people) and in particular young people, who have experimented more and more difficulties in theirs choices of guidance and vocational integration. In order to support these persons adapt themselves to the coming changes, the Cités des métiers want to propose new innovative and sustainable solutions for territories in France and abroad.

Our assets

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An International dimension

Effervescence appeals to the generosity of businesses and individuals abroad particularly in Europe and in France to finance projects mainly conducted in the countries covered by the Cités des métiers International Network.

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A strong visual identity

Synonym of boiling and dissemination, Effervescence is a universal and transparent brand name. The innovative ability of the Network and its commitment for a good reason are represented in this name and logo.

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A multi-stakeholder approach

Cités des métiers could rely on their experience in the development of activities through the mobilization of territorial stakeholders skills and their animation in order to implement projects funded by Effervescence.

Our Values

Through its projects, the endowment fund contributes to strengthening the social link among people within a territory and beyond, and while focusing on people who have met the more issues to integrate the labour market such as the young people; it enables to implement a cooperative approach that consists in bringing together stakeholders of the territory, gathered on common values despite differences in the way they work and in term of interests.
The fight against discrimination, the dialogue and the open-mindedness are translated into a multi-stakeholder project approach, the diversity of beneficiaries coming from different territories as well as the choice of priority intervention axes.
On the one hand, teams of Cités des Métiers and their partners care about making any beneficiary at the heart of the activities offered in the territory projects in order to strengthen their autonomy in their decision-making and ability for their professional project. On the other hand, the Board of Directors guarantees the smooth functioning of the endowment fund, its effectiveness and particularly the control and monitoring on investments.
Beyond requirements of the Law such as the preparation and publication of an annual activity report, the Board of Directors commits to its project partners, beneficiaries and donors to keep them update about the implementation of projects. It also wants to involve donors in the development of an evaluation procedure, in particular for territorial impact assessment.

Our priorities for action

Fight against
early school leaving
International mobility
for disavantaged people
Intergenerational exchanges
of skills