Become a donor

8 good reasons to become a donor

Enhance its
societal commitment
Develop partnerships
in France and in the world
Become ambassador
of the endowment fund
Participate into events
organised by the fund and the Network
Highlight its competences
and thoses of its team
Get a tax
Propose project ideas
to the Cités des métiers
Contribute to the methodological
development in project evaluation

Who can make a donation ?

icône visage femme et homme - Effervescence

Any citizen, compagny or organisation based in France, the EU or in the United States.

What is my donation used for ?

All donations, gifts and legacies are mainly allocated to the development of projects for general interest. Only a limited part, goes towards the organization’s running costs: communication, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation (maximum 20%). A donor has still the option to allocate his/her donation to a specific project.

A donation could be refused if there is any doubt as to whether activities are being carried out lawfully by an individual or a company, or a donation considered as harmful to the image of Effervescence and Cités des métiers.

How to give ?

From France and Luxembourg only

Online Donation

Please click on secure link mentioned as below

Giving by cheque or bank transfer

Please download ant fill the form donation as below
Download the form

For all other countries (via TGE, starting from 2017)

form donation

Please send back the donation form and contact Ludovic Collin, International Coordinator of Effervescence for more information, by email ou par téléphone au +33 4 96 11 62 75
Download the form

In France, an endowment fund is recognised as an organization for general purpose.

An individual can entitle to a tax reduction, at a rate of 66% of the value of the donation, up to a maximum of 20% of his net taxable income.

A company can benefit from a tax reduction equivalent to 60% of the sum of the donation, up to a limit of 0.5% of annual turnover.

For the donation exceeding this amount, the surplus will refer successively to the next five (5) years in the same conditions, after taking into account deposits made in the year.

From 2017, the endowment fund Effervescence will be eligible/ entitled to the Transnational Giving in Europe (TGE) network. TGE is a secure solution for tax-effective cross-border cash donations. Note that a 5% contribution is taken on the donated amount to cover the administrative costs. More information on the website Transnational Giving Europe